With the coronavirus pandemic that is gripping the world today, staying at home has become the norm. People need to do this to stop the deadly virus from spreading further however, people still need to go out to buy food and other necessities. 

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease and anyone can be infected not just from being in contact with someone who tested positive of the virus but it can also be picked up from objects and even in the air through respiratory droplets coming from the patient. This is why governments around the world are advising the public to stay at home and massive lockdowns are in place as well. 

But it is impossible for people to totally stay at home. They will still need to go out for food or medicine despite the risks of contracting COVID-19.

Definitely, picking up the virus may happen so medical experts formulated tips on how to prevent bringing it with you. Below are ways to keep your home COVID-19 free at all times. 

After grocery shopping tips

Marni Jameson of The Mercury News spoke with Dr. Edwin DeJesus, an infectious disease specialist based in Orlando, Florida and he said that washing hands is the best way to keep the virus away. 

“No one gets infected by touching the virus. It cannot pass through the skin, only through a mucosal membrane,” the doctor said. “Infection occurs when the virus is on your hands, and you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. When out, try not to touch your face until you’ve used hand sanitizer or washed your hands.”

He added that one must also clean and disinfect the car by wiping the steering wheel, dashboard and door handles. All the bags including the grocery items must be placed in the trunk and not inside the vehicle. 

Place the grocery bags on a table and wash the hands before taking out the items. Wipe everything before placing them in cupboards and refrigerator. The grocery bags should go straight to the trash bin and the table where the items were cleaned should be disinfected.

Sanitize everything you used 

GMA News reported that everyone should make it a habit to bring alcohol or hand sanitizer when going out. Refrain from touching the face while outside since the virus are mostly transmitted through the hands.

For the footwear, soak them in water with bleach or simply spray the sole with alcohol or water and Clorox solution. Never bring the footwear inside the house, leave it outside. Also, disinfect all the things you brought with you like keys, mobile phone and other things. 

Dispose face mask and gloves safely by not touching the surface and putting them in plastic before throwing in the bin. Take off every piece of clothing worn during the trip outside and place it in a separate laundry bag then wash immediately with water, detergent soap and a bit of bleach to kill any virus that may be present. Finally, take a shower and take time to clean the body thoroughly. 

Coronavirus Protection Woman in protective gears to prevent coronavirus infection. Photo by: Mohamed Hassan/Pixabay