A woman and her dog, who were both reported missing in a Californian forest last month, have been found dead on Wednesday, Oct. 27, in an apparent car crash, putting to end a search for her body that first found traction when her sister posted the case on TikTok.

Courtney Bryan, a 32-year-old woman from Reno, Nevada, and her dog Booch, were found inside a wrecked vehicle at a crash site in Del Norte County, California after a hiker stumbled onto the area on Wednesday, according to the news site SFGATE.

The injuries that Bryan and Booch sustained are consistent with injuries from a car crash, and the police believe that there is no foul play involved in their deaths. The remains are now under the care of the Del Norte County Coroner's Office until official identification of the body can be given, according to NBC News.

Bryan was first reported missing on Sept. 27 after she failed to show up to work following her short vacation to the Hunt Hot Springs in California as a way of getting over the death of her grandfather. She was last heard from on Sept. 23, including a post on her Instagram showing her at the hot springs.

Katana Curven, Bryan’s sister, has attempted to help in the search for her sister’s body by amplifying her reach through TikTok, where her first video has been seen by 700,000 users. She believes that the app would help her locate Bryan’s body faster.

She posted a video on Wednesday commemorating the death of her sister, where photos of Bryan were shown accompanied by Coldplay’s “Yellow”. In a comment under the video, she thanked all the people who helped in the search for Bryan.

“My sister was found,” she said. “Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts and prayers and effort. We are going to take this time to grieve.”

A funeral date for Bryan has not been set. The missing person case was covered in an episode of "Dateline."

Courtney Bryan, a woman who went missing on Sept. 27, was found in an apparent car crash in California on Wednesday, putting an end to a missing person's case that grew popular on TikTok. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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