Cristian Castro
Cristian Castro has announced that he's leaving Twitter. The singer deleted all of his previous tweets but one, saying that he was not posting anymore. Reuters

No more “Masajito con Saiote.” Cristian Castro has announced that he’ll be leaving Twitter. The singer was been recently involved in a series of controversies due to his behavior. It all started back in January when he posted a picture with his masseuse on his Twitter account where he appeared wearing only a paper thong. He captioned the picture “Masajito con Saiote” which means “Little massage with Saiote.” It wasn’t until later that he revealed “Saiote” is the name of the paper thong. Several days after that scandal, Castro posted a series of pictures of him getting a hair color change.

He continued to make headlines when he announced he had been working on a heavy metal band called “La Esfinge” and he released their first single to poor reviews. However, he continued to work with settled Mexican rock stars Genitalica, making a special appearance in their music video dressed in drag. He even joked that he thanked Ricky Martin for inspiring him to “come out.” Although some people thought of Cristian’s posts as polemic and scandalous, a lot were enjoying his occasional comments. Unfortunately for this last group, they have all been deleted.

It was a huge surprise to discover that all of Cristian Castro’s tweets were gone, and there was only one left that read: “Sorry, no more tweets,” along with a picture with the word “Finished.” Although there’s pretty much nothing on the singer’s account, it remains active, giving us the chance to hope for a comeback any time soon. For now, it seems that Castro is determined to get away from all the scandals and gossip surrounding him anytime he publishes something on social media, but his decision hasn’t been received well among his fans, who’ve showered him with messages asking him to come back to Twitter.

What do you think? Should Cristian Castro leave Twitter for good or should he come back?

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