Cristian Castro
Cristian Castro has taken his over-the-top personality to Twitter again. Twitter/ Cristian Castro

Cristian Castro recently 'came out': the Mexican actress shared a photo of himself dressed in drag as a cheerleader. He was actually just filming a scene for the video of "Quiéreme," the latest song from Ganitallica titled "A La Larga Te Accostumbras." However, Cuban actress Niurka Marcos has taken it quite literally and had a bit of a joke at Castro's expense. In an interview with Estrella TV, Marcos implied that Castro was a lot more feminine than people might have guessed.

Cristian Castro has admitted his own femininity before. "I want to look beautiful and cause envy among women and for them to say, 'Cristian is a hot girl,'" he told Reforma. Well, Marcos has gone to prove the point. "I'm sorry but I am who I am, I call it like I see it, I'm sorry for everybody but - the girl inside you has come really come out!" said Marcos, referring to Castro. "We all have masculine and feminine hormones in our bodies. But baby, the feminine ones sure showed up in you!"

Christian Castro will probably take it all in his stride: the Mexican pop singer has no qualms about being at the center of social media controversy. The whole uproar about his sexuality started with his own tweet: "I was finally able to come out of the closet," Castro tweeted. "Thanks to you Ricky! Your speech was a detonator." The 39-year-old Mexican singer also shared a picture where he is posing nearly nude before getting a massage late last night. Castro is seen in a barely there G-string.

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