This might have been the greatest experience for a young boy, but a creepy one for Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. The night before the Portugal-Ghana Wolrd Cup game on June 26, 15-year-old Yago Leal managed to find a way to fool security at the hotel where the Portuguese team was staying in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. He and another friend reached the roof of the establishment, and spotted Cristiano’s balcony.

Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo during the Portugal-Ghana match June 26. Reuters

The teenager then went down and proceeded to enter the Real Madrid player’s room, but he was caught in the act by Ronaldo himself, who entered the room just a few minutes later. “I lay in (Ronaldo’s) bed because I knew he’d slept in it, and when he came in, I was there. He was good to me," Leal told Brazilian newspaper Globo. “He said that I had better go, but that he would not call security.”

According to Leal, CR7 was a bit frightened by his presence, but still treated him nicely and even gave the young man his autograph. Cristiano then “helped” him find his way back. As he escaped, however, Yago managed to take a picture of Cristiano. Check it out below!

Unfortunately for Ronaldo, although his late goal helped Portugal in the match the day after the intruder broke into his room, it wasn’t enough to advance to the round of 16 and Portugal was eliminated from the World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo Although Portugal won, they didn't make it through to the round of 16. Reuters