Police officers in Georgia are investigating a series of killings on Saturday night after a father shot and killed a woman, her 1-year-old child, and himself whilst critically injuring the child’s grandmother in a case that confuses the police still regarding it.

Darian Javaris Bennett, a 38-year-old man, reportedly went to the house of Keshawn Washington, who is also 38 years old, and shot and killed her while her children, ages 11 and 12, were in the house with her, according to the Daily Beast.

Bennett then shot Washington’s mother repeatedly, sending her to the hospital in critical condition, before kidnapping his 1-year-old child with Washington, Jaquari Bennett, and leaving the home quickly.

Later on, Bennett called police officers in the area to threaten to kill himself and Jaquari. It is unclear if he gave the police any demands with regard to this ultimatum, but he ended up killing Jaquari and himself by the time police found him the next day, Law&Crime reported.

Officers had closed in on Bennett after they found his Honda Accord near a church, and reportedly moved closer into the area when they heard gunshots in the air. The two were found dead in the woods together, shocking the community and authorities due to the brutality and suddenness of the violence.

Police officers in the Georgia town are exploring possibilities as to why the man had murdered the woman and his daughter, with a statement from an officer in the town saying that they were exploring the possibility of mental illness in the killings.

“We just don’t know what triggered this,” Sgt. Jack Redlinger said. “We don’t know if there are any mental issues. I’m not familiar with any arrests on him yet, so I’m not familiar with his background. Hopefully, in a couple days we’ll have that information.”

Georgia Father Murders Woman, Daughter
31-year-old Michael Turner Jr. of Golden Valley is now facing murder charges for killing 42-year-old Joshua Blake. Tsvetoslav Hristov/Unsplash.

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