Daddy Yankee retires from urban music focuses on Christian life
Courtesy Daddy Yankee/Latin Times

MIAMI - Puerto Rican reggaeton king Daddy Yankee has stunned fans by revealing a deeply personal aspect of his life during a recent visit to a church in Puerto Rico. The musical icon made a solemn declaration, illustrating his withdrawal from the limelight to devote himself to spreading the word of God.

A viral video circulating on social media captured the artist clad in a black suit as he delivered a profound message from the pulpit. During the sermon, Daddy Yankee recounted harrowing moments in which he faced the specter of death.

This is not the first time that Raymond Ayala, his real name, has talked about difficult times in his life, but he had never revealed details about specific episodes before.

Daddy Yankee's scary times

"I'm in Colombia one day, on the brink of death. I'm singing at a venue and then I'm in the hospital with one foot here, one foot there," he shared, making a reference to almost dying. "I don't know how many people have been on the brink of death, but I have on several occasions, and I can speak from experience about what it's like to see the angel of death, and feel it there," he continued.

The singer also recalled a traumatic incident in Puerto Rico, when he miraculously survived multiple gunshot wounds when he was only 17 years old. That episode ended his dream of becoming a professional baseball player.

"I'm alive because of a miracle. God has performed a miracle with me since I was a little kid; He protected me from death," he said.

During his rise to stardom, Daddy Yankee admitted to feeling invincible, believing he could achieve success on his own.

"Nobody can stop me, I thought to myself. You can go far without God. I am proof of that. God made us in His image, equipped us, and gave us talents and abilities that allow us to go far without Him. I have a very clear example, the Tower of Babel; I built my Tower of Babel," he confessed while preaching at the church.

However, a profound realization dawned upon him, leading to a transformative shift in his perspective. He understood the necessity of God in his life for true fulfillment and growth.

The revelation has sparked a wave of reactions from fans and followers, with many commending Daddy Yankee's courage to embrace his faith publicly. "It's never too late to seek God," one user commented, while another praised his decision, stating: "This is a true act of courage. He changed many things to become a follower of Christ." These kind of messages of support and encouragement flooded social media.

Daddy Yankee announced the significant change in his life during what was his last concert in Puerto Rico, in December last year.

Daddy Yankee's spiritual transformation aligns with a broader trend among reggaeton artists. Notably, Panamanian El General, considered the father of the Urban Latin Music movement, and Puerto Rican stars Farruko, Don Omar, and Hector "El Father" have also publicly declared their Christian faith, each undergoing personal journeys that led them to prioritize their spiritual beliefs.

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