Daddy Yankee, El General, Farruko, reggeatoneros embracing christian faith
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Reggaetón King Daddy Yankee surprised his fans during his last concert when he gave testimony of his Christian faith and promised to dedicate his life to Jesus. However, he his not the first Latino artist, or even música urbana artist to do so.

Other renowned Latin music figures like Juan Luis Guerra, Yuri and Ricardo Montaner have incorporated their faith into their artistic expressions. Same case for several influential figures inside the Latin urban music genre such as El General, Héctor 'El Father' and Farruko, among others.

These artists have not only made significant contributions to their musical genres but have also navigated personal journeys of faith. Some have chosen to step away from the limelight to fully commit to their religious paths, while others have infused their music with narratives of their spiritual experiences.

Here are the stories of some of them:

The pioneer: Vico C

Considered the father of Rap en español, Vico C faced a tumultuous period marked by struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. It was during this challenging phase that he found solace and redemption in his Christian faith. In 1998, Vico C made a bold statement with the release of his Christian rap album, "Aquel Que Había Muerto." This 10-track album was not just a collection of songs but a testament to his newfound faith and a reflection of his journey from despair to hope. The album's title, translating to "He Who Had Died," symbolized his personal rebirth and spiritual awakening.

El General left it all

The creator of iconic songs like "Tu Pum Pum," "Te ves buena," "Muévelo muévelo," and "El meneaíto," stepped away from the public eye to fully commit to his faith as a Jehovah's Witness in 2007. He left behind 32 golden records, 17 platinum records, 12 Lo Nuestro Awards, six Billboard Awards, one La Esperanza Award, and 12 keys to the city, among other distinctions,

"I had dreams of being a famous singer. But there came a time when I had to make drastic decisions. I became addicted to applause. However, in the end, I decided to return to Jehovah. Since then, I have found happiness, and that glow reflects not only on camera but with all people," El General explained in a video published in 2017.

The transformation of Héctor 'El Father'

Following a successful 16-year career in the reggaetón scene, Héctor "El Father" Delgado, formerly part of the renowned duo Hector y Tito, made a life-altering decision in 2008. He chose to leave behind his musical partnership, which had produced various Billboard hits including the 2003 album "La Historia Live," peaking at No. 4 on the Top Latin Albums chart. This significant shift led him to join the Missionary Pentecostal Christian Church in Puerto Rico.

Embracing his faith wholeheartedly, he now serves as a preacher. He released a movie about his life in 2020 and the year after he published LP "La Hora Cero," which reflects his Christian beliefs.

Voltio's conversion to Christianity

Renowned for the reggaetón hit "Chulin, Chulin, Chunfly" and notable collaborations with stars like Beyoncé, Jerry Rivera, and Tego Calderón, genre pioneer Voltio underwent a profound personal transformation in 2014. Embracing his faith, he became a "born-again" Christian, marking a significant shift in his life and career.

This conversion to Christianity not only altered this artist personal life but also led to new ventures in line with his beliefs. Notably, the Puerto Rican artist joined forces with Hector "El Father" Delgado to co-host a Christian radio show. This collaboration highlighted a shared journey of faith and a commitment to spreading their message through different mediums. In the video below you can hear his process in his own words in Spanish.

Almighty's change towards Christianism

The Cuban-born rapper embarked on a transformative musical journey with the release of Genelipsis, an audacious fusion of faith and rhythm. This pioneering album, a striking blend titled from the amalgamation of 'Genesis' and 'Apocalypse', presents a repertoire of 32 tracks, each resonating with a potent, unwavering devotion to God.

This seismic shift in his artistic direction traces back to 2019, a pivotal year when he renounced his past musical endeavors, often referring to it as "the devil's music," and pledged his talent and future works in the service of the God.

Tito "El Bambino" amplifies the voice of preachers

Known for his signature tagline "Dios Los Bendiga," (God Bless You), the Puerto Rican reggaetón released a his singed prayer "Alzo mi cielo" in 2012. However, it was in 2020, when Tito "El Bambino" took to Instagram Live to collaborate with prominent Christian Latino figures like motivational speaker Marcos Yaroide and celebrated Christian music artist Marcos Witt.

Their joint efforts during the pandemic were aimed at sustaining and uplifting the spirits of their audience, reinforcing their faith amidst the chaos. "Everything might be closed, but heaven is still open, and that is the most important thing," he said during his lives.

Lary Over disappearing act

Having signed a record deal with Carbon Fiber Music, a label co-founded by the chart-topping artist Farruko, Lary Over was on a trajectory to stardom, especially known for his hard-hitting singles "Solo" and "Súbete." However, the Salvadorian artist suddenly disappeared from the public eye in 2021.

It was Farruko who shed light on Lary's current pursuits in a recent interview. He revealed that the artist has embarked on a spiritual journey, finding solace and purpose in his religious path. Soon after, he started to publish religious posts on Instagram.

Don Omar's return to his Christian faith

The reggaetón superstar candidly opened up about his struggles with addiction, which included alcohol, drugs, and sex. In a heartfelt revelation, Don Omar attributed his remarkable ten-year journey of sobriety and recovery to the unwavering strength he found in his Christian faith.

Interestingly, before rising to fame in the música urbana scene, with chart-topping bangers like "Dutty Love," "Taboo," and "Danza Kuduro,", He spent his youth immersed in religious service, having served as a Christian pastor.

In 2019, Don Omar released the Christian song "Agradecido".

Farruko's testimony

During a concert in Miami in February 2022, Farruko transformed the stage into a platform for sharing his deep-rooted faith, offering spiritual messages to the captivated audience. "God loves you just the way you are," he affirmed to the packed venue. "We're all sinners, none of us are perfect," he added and promised to dedicate to career. to God.

Since then, Farruko has released only Christian or inspiring songs. He told Latin Times recently that his new album, slated for the first semester of 2024, will include "only positive tracks."

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