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Although she is only 28 years old, Danna Paola is a two-decade veteran of the Latino entertainment world. She debuted at 6 years old in Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican version of Sesame Street, and three years later she was starring in her own telenovela for kids, 'María Belén'.

Somebody with so much experience shouldn't be making rookie mistakes, particularly somebody who grew up in front of Mexico's cutthroat fans who have mercilessly canceled Mexican American artists like Ángela Aguilar and Yahritza Martínez, the singer of the corridos tumbados band Yahritza y su Esencia, for saying that they were nothing but Mexican, the first one, or daring to criticize the noise in Mexico City.

But Danna, as she expects (hopelessly) to be called now, did make a beginner and particularly bad mistake during the publicity effort in South America to promote her latest album, 'Childstar'. During a rapid-fire question game with Valentina Saini on the Chilean radio station FM DOS, she was asked to make binary choices, and everything was great until the interviewer asked her: "Which country do you prefer, Mexico or Spain?"

It was a fun question, since Danna Paola lived in Spain for four years while filming the first three seasons of Netflix's hit series 'Élite'. Unfortunately, the answer wasn't that great. The artists born and raised in Mexico City chose Spain over Mexico.

Of course, Mexican social media lost it's collective mind. The memes have been hilarious, the comments acerbic, and the battle between her fans and Belinda, who was born in Spain but is unapologetically Mexican, unavoidable.

Many in X (Twitter) are wondering if this was the thoughtless answer of a jet-lagged woman, or if she really doesn't like her home country. Others are joking that she just took too far the 'Childstar' theme of leaving the first stage of her career behind (name change included).

This is not Danna Paola's first controversy this year

This scandal comes at the heels of the indignation she provoked when she asked her fans to 'convince' the woman who owned the name @danna in X to give it to her since she was leaving Danna Paola behind. The woman identified as Danna Marie offered it to her for 400,000 dollars, and the artist was upset.

Her fandom went to work and things got so ugly Danna Paola had to intervene.

"Danna, I am very sorry for what is happening with this situation, and the attacks you have received from my fans, I have never incited hatred, and I will never be in favor of hate, I never imagined that this would get out of control. The last thing I want is to cause you problems. I just shared with my fans that the amount you asked for a username seemed ridiculous to me 😅, but don't worry. I don't need it, todo bien! ♥️ I think it's not the way to reach an agreement. Greetings and have a good day!"

The last nail in Danna Paola's coffin?

This time, the reactions to her choosing Mexico over Spain are mostly negative, but it's too soon to tell what the lasting consequences of her faux pas will be. In the meantime, the memes and comments may give some indication.

Danna Paola after losing her career for saying stupid things

Danna Paola and her career one day after another

Danna Paola, if Mexico is criticizing you, it's not for nothing. Without Mexico, the soap operas, plays, or music you made, they wouldn't know who you are in Spain. Didn't you say you were depressed in Spain? Three Doritos later.

In themeantime, Belinda who was born in Spain


The last four Danna Paola Fans in Mexico

Not everybody was upset

Danna Paola now: I shouldn't have said that

Danna Paola (2021) and DANNA (2024) fighting to see whose management team is worst

México watching how Danna Paola prefers Spain

Salma Hayek is very proud to be Mexican, and Mexico loves her a lot, and Eiza also has many fans in Mexico. But as for Danna Paola, it's probably good that she chose Spain, because she isn't as well-liked in Mexico.

Cancelling Danna Paola just because she prefers Spain over Mexico? Come on, just let her go live there.

Not everybody is mad

No way, I'm not a Danna Paola fan; I just like some of her songs. But Mexicans are mad at her because she said she prefers Spain over Mexico. What did they expect? They've been harshly criticizing her for a month now... They just won't let it go.

Some people were quite critical of México

Are you saying that Danna Paola doesn't want to live in a country that has issues with insecurity, machismo, rude uneducated people, and that is overly critical of its Mexican artists?

It's funny that they're cancelling Danna Paola for saying she prefers Spain, as if most of you wouldn't move to Spain at the first chance just because it's Europe.
Less Twitter, more work.
And I don't even like Danna Paola.

However in general, people agree that "It's hard to be able to defend Danna Paola"

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