Constanza and her mother, the actress Edith González. Instagram

Constanza Creel, the daughter of the late actress Edith González, celebrated her 15 years without her mother but accompanied by her father, Santiago Creel. According to

Infobae, the journalist Miguel Ángel Maldonado had revealed that the actress wanted to prepare a great party for the teenager. "The trip is coming. The trip with her friends that Edith González left paid everything because she said 'daughter you have to be happy, the world begins,

you have to eat it and it is for you,'" Maldonado said.

However, in some photos shared by Paulina Velasco, Santiago Creel's wife, on her Instagram account, it can

be seen that the celebration was simple and intimate. "We started family celebrations. Happy birthday #Cons I love you with all my heart!" said the message that Velasco wrote to accompany the image.

In another of the photographs shared by Santiago Creel's wife was Constanza's birthday cake. "@paucreel cooked, #Mirandita decorated and # dad made coffee." "Happy birthday @conscreel, I love you with all my heart," she added in her post. In addition, the half-sisters of Constanza wrote her congratulation cards.

After the death of Edith González, which occurred on June 13 because of ovarian cancer,

it was established that Santiago Creel has the guardianship of Constanza. "The undersigned want to record that there is complete harmony between the members of the González Fuentes, Lazo Margain and Creel Miranda families and that our priority aim is for the minor to lead this stage with peace and tranquility in the company of the members of her family."

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