Edith González Cancer Treatment
The telenovela actress continues her battle with cancer and posed for a magazine with a completely shaved head. GettyImages

Edith González continues her battle with cancer and is showing what a strong woman she is. The "Eva La Trailera" actress decided to pose for Mexico's Quién magazine without a wig and debuted her completely shaved head. The cover has shocked everyone as she had not been seen publicly in that way. González looks stunning and will surely inspire anybody that is going through a similar situation that she's going through.

On the cover of the publication Edith is quoted as saying: "I want Constanza to see a brave mother. I have not hidden anything from her about my disease, she knows that the power is within." González shared the image on her Instagram account and said: "When things are from the soul... when things are... when you select your path and when you find who to share it with..."

Edith González Quien Cover
Edith González shows her completely shaved head for Quien magazine. QuienCover

It was in August of 2017 when the star of "Corazón Salvaje" revealed she was battling with cancer. "Cancer is not cool, I talk to it and I tell it, 'go away,'" she told El Universal with the sense of humor she has. "I take it with a sense of humor, nobody understands it, because I have a dark humor, but I will not allow this to defeat me, not physically, not spiritually, not mentally."

She also added: "I know it's a tragedy, but I don't take it that way. For me, it's simply a phase. The best thing that I can do is to get informed, that there are a lot of treatments, not alternative because I don't believe in those."

As Edith González continues to fight cancer she has had to turn down projects like "Aventurera." Producer Juan Osorio invited her to be part of the cast of the musical she starred in many years ago, but because the actress is so focused on treating herseld and getting better, she declined the invitation.

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