A child in Mexico was found to be alive during her funeral on Thursday after doctors had declared her to be dead. However, the toddler quickly died for real after she was brought to the hospital again after waking up inside a coffin.

Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza, a three-year-old girl from Mexico, was reportedly experiencing stomach pains, vomiting, and fever when she was brought to a pediatrician by her mother, Mary Jane Mendoza. The doctor recommended that she be brought to a hospital, so the mother got her an appointment at Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital, according to the New York Post.

She was reportedly in the hospital for dehydration, and was given a prescription of paracetamol before being signed off to leave. When her condition continued to deteriorate, however, she was brought to multiple doctors before she found herself in an emergency room.

“They wanted to give her (intravenous therapy). They took a long time to put oxygen on her,” Mary Jane Mendoza said. “They didn’t put it on her because they couldn’t find her little veins; finally, a nurse managed it.”

Unusually, Camila was taken away from Mendoza as the doctors were treating her, and Mendoza was sent to a different, locked room before she learned from the doctors that her daughter had died. She saw them taking away the tubes and medical supplies once she was able to leave, the Dallas News reported.

“When I ran to see the girl, they had already taken away oxygen, serum. They didn't do anything anymore,” she said. “I grab the baby and feel her embrace. I tell them, ‘She's not dead, I felt strength in her,’ and the doctor said, ‘Let go, don't mistreat her!’”

During a funeral arrangement that occurred the day after, Mendoza noticed that the glass in the coffin was fogging up, and Mendoza’s mother-in-law looked closer to find that Camila’s eyes were moving and that she had a pulse. The body was immediately brought to the hospital, where doctors attempted for a second time to revive her.

“That was really where my baby was done. We are devastated because my girl was a very happy person, she got along with everyone, she didn’t single anyone out,” Mendoza said. “We have many people on the ranch who support us because she was cherished.”

Camila’s second death certificate noted that she died from dehydration, cerebral edema and metabolic failure, while her original death certificate only notes the dehydration.

The Attorney General’s Office is currently investigating the case for possible negligence, while an autopsy of Camila’s body is underway.

“What I really want is for justice to be served. I have no grudge against the doctors [who] went to extreme [measures],” Mendoza said. “I only ask that the doctors, nurses and directors be changed so that it does not happen again.”

A child who was declared dead by doctors was found to be alive during her funeral on Thursday, with the family seeking answers while authorities investigate the matter. This is a representational image. Kenny Orr/Unsplash.

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