It was one of the, if not, the most shocking game of soccer the world has ever seen. Germany’s master class showing against Brazil can be summed up by one term, “dominance.” In the words of Brazilian legend Gilberto Silva, “It looked like a pro team playing against an amateur team.” No one in their right mind would have ever predicted a score line like this.

The German’s were absolutely perfect today. They were confident on the ball, menacing in the final third, and physical in the back. All the questions that had surrounded the team up to this point were dismissed. In my opinion the keys to the success of the German squad on this day are due to Jogi Loew’s tactical decisions. He decided to put Philipp Lahm in his right back role once more, and the tiny Bavarian fullback did exactly what he always does. He shut down any one on one situation and brought stability to a German defense that has looked shaky throughout the tournament.

In Lahm’s place at the centre of midfield, Loew deployed Sami Khedira, who by far was the best player out of anyone on the pitch. He was brilliant in the midfield as he controlled the pace of the game and even added a goal to his name. Loew also decided to put Thomas Mueller on the wing, therefore having the option of putting a real striker up top. That striker was Miroslav Klose who by adding the German’s second goal, became the all time leading scorer at the World Cup.

From front to back the Germans were magnificent. The only concerns coming out of the match was that it seemed like they became complacent at times. The most obvious display of this was directly after the interval as Manuel Neuer was forced into making three brilliant saves in a matter of five minutes.

Like so many analysts have already stated, this game will be talked about for decades if not centuries. It was a complete dismantling of the hosts, an embarrassment of sorts. Whatever team faces “Die Mannschaft”, be it Holland or Argentina, there is no doubt that the Germans will be the favorite.

There are almost no words to describe what happened today. Germany was brilliant, Brazil not so much. One has to feel for a country and its fans that need soccer as much as they do breathing; only to see their team play in such an embarrassing manner. All that I can say is if the Germans play with the same type of confidence as they did today in Belo Horizonte, there is no doubt that they will lift the trophy at the Maracana in five days time.