Latinos won't put the holiday decorations away just yet, there’s one more celebration still to come! On January 6, Hispanics celebrate Three Kings Day, or El Día de Los Reyes to honor the Three Wise Men who arrived in Bethlehem bearing gifts for baby Jesus. The holiday is widely celebrated throughout Latin America and Spain and marks the official end of the holiday season.

To get some holiday inspiration, Target and TV host and mother of three Jacky Bracamontes teamed up to share how her family celebrates on January 6. “Beyond the gifts and seeing my girls happy with their surprises, it’s all about family time,” Jacky said. “The Rosca de Reyes is the most important part of Three Kings Day. We always get a delicious Rosca with caramel filling that my family loves! We also make sure that it has more than one baby Jesus figurine tucked inside so that each of my girls can get one. These special priceless moments are my favorite part about Three Kings Day.”

JackyBThreeKings_inline1 “The rosca de reyes is the most important part of Three Kings Day." Target

My family celebrates with a nice dinner. We prepare a turkey and an amazing fruit salad then we sing and break a piñata filled with sweet treats! We also do a gift exchange and make a toast stating our wishes for the year ahead. It’s a beautiful time for my family,” the "La Voz México" host revealed.

As is tradition, children leave their shoes out the night before, hoping that the Three Kings will visit and leave gifts inside! “Jacky, my eldest, asked the Three Kings for makeup! The Three Kings got her an assortment of lip balms and nail polish,” Jacky said. “Carolina asked for dolls and a doll closet to hang their clothes. And my youngest, Renata, is at an age where she’s learning a lot so she’ll be pleased to find educational toys in her shoe—I can’t wait to see how she interacts with them.”

Like any smart mom Jacky knows that she can find everything she needs and more for Three Kings Day in-store or online at Target! “Especially during the crazy busy holiday time, I know that I can go to Target and find everything I need rather than driving myself crazy going to a bunch of different stores. Whenever I tell my girls that I am heading to Target, they all want to tag along because they know Target has all of the toys they want!”

Jacky Like any smart mom Jacky knows that she can find everything she needs and more for Three Kings Day in-store or online at Target! Courtesy