Reigning over the digital streaming world for years now, many believe that Netflix may finally be getting a worthy contender to face-off with Disney+. The recently launched platform looks pretty serious about being the stiff competition it is rumoured to be as it is busy rectifying all the glitches marring its chances of taking the top spot. But despite Disney+ adding a new feature recently, it is still far away from being where Netflix is today.

Why? Because it is not just about adding features, it is also about ensuring that it is provided to the users in a way that it maximizes their comfort. Disney+ added a new feature “continue watching” to its latest version- something which was missing at the launch, making it impossible for the users to start off from exactly where they stopped viewing a particular movie or episode. So, one had to dig through the menus and find the show or movie they were watching and then find out what section of it you were the last time. Pretty tiresome, huh?

But thanks to this recent additional feature on Disney+, you can resume watching where you stopped last by just opening the app and going to the home screen where a new section of  “continue watching” allows you to watch shows and movies from exactly where you left off.

However, while the “continue watching” section gives you a list of all the shows and the particular episodes you are watching in it, it is still not what Netflix offers. You see, if you were to watch every available episode in a show, it will be removed from the list, even if new episodes are in the pipeline and are to be added on a regular basis. 

Netflix, on the other hand, doesn’t have this issue as it releases an entire season at once. So, until you complete watching the recent season of the show, it won’t leave your Continue Watching list. But as Disney+ follows the system of weekly adding episodes, the show will disappear from the Continue Watching list once you’ve watched the most recent episode.

And as Disney+ also doesn’t use “new episodes” badge on top of show thumbnails like Netflix, if one wants to find if a new episode in a show has been added, they have to keep checking the show’s landing page constantly.