In an outlandish turn of events, Lithuanian doctors removed several nails, screws, and knives from a man’s stomach after the man came to them with serious abdominal pain. The doctors at Klaipeda University Hospital of Baltic Port City were shocked when they operated on the man and discovered his stomach’s contents.

After reaching the hospital, the man did not tell the doctors the fact that he has been swallowing nails and knives. During the first round of check-ups when the doctors took the man for an X-ray. The test revealed that the man had several metal pieces in his abdomen which range from less than an inch to a whopping three inches.

The doctors revealed that it was not uncommon for them to find foreign bodies inside a human being. However, in this case, the size and amount of the contents stunned them. Usually, any foreign object swallowed by a patient is passed out their bodies naturally. In this strange case, it took them almost three hours to get the massive amount of sharp nails, screws, and knives from the belly of the patient, as reported by

It was later revealed that the man started swallowing the sharp metallic objects around a month ago, after quitting alcohol.

After the three arduous hours of surgery, surgeon Sarunas Dailidena stated that the team of doctors was successful to take every tiny foreign particle out of the patient’s stomach. Using X-ray-controlled surgical procedures the feat was performed, as reported by News18.

While addressing the local media, Algirdas Slepavicius, the surgeon leading the Abdominal and Endocrine Surgery department at Klaipeda Hospital, told that the doctors had never experienced anything like this in their long careers. He also stated that it was not rare to find small objects like coins, and needles swallowed by mistake. He also commented that in some cases, prisoners in jails can be found with spoons and forks in their stomachs, in order to escape the prison.

Since this case is triggered by the ceasing habit of alcohol consumption, the doctors have pointed it as a psychological disease. Once the patient comes to a stable condition, the hospital authority said that he would be provided psychological counseling in the form of assistance.

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