Trump get them out
Donald Trump recently told CNN that he could deport America's 11 million undocumented immigrants with his management skills. In the past, he's reportedly called such a plan "unrealistic" and "inhumane," according to TMZ. REUTERS/Jim Young

All undocumented immigrants would be deported in a Donald Trump administration, the presidential candidate told CNN on Wednesday. Trump also told CNN that he “loved” immigration and that after deporting every undocumented person in the country he’d bring back “the good ones” with an “expedited process” and a “Merit-based system.” The proposal to deport all undocumented immigrants contradict earlier statements. On June 27th Trump reportedly told TMZ that such a policy was “unrealistic” and “inhumane.” The mogul too a harder tone on Wednesday.

"Politicians aren't going to find them because they have no clue. We will find them, we will get them out," Trump said. "It's feasible if you know how to manage. Politicians don't know how to manage."

Trump didn’t offer specifics to CNN's Dana Bash on how his hypothetical administration would round up the more the 11 million undocumented immigrants such as the literal costs to immigration enforcement officials and social costs to families with mixed immigrant status. Instead of details, he promised his business acumen, a theoretical Midas touch that can magically turn policy matters to pure gold, from immigration, to economics to foreign policy. He also wouldn’t say what he’d do with Dreamers -- young undocumented immigrants you might be too young for their “merit” to be judged.

"We have to make sure they were exemplary, they were wonderful people when they were here. They worked hard, there was no problem," he told Bash. "We have to bring great people into this country. OK? And I want to bring -- I love the idea of immigration. But it's got to be legal immigration."

Donald Trump may be a billionaire, but he’s no posterboy for business. He has filed for corporate (not personal) bankruptcy 4 times in his career. “Basically I’ve used the laws of the country to my advantage,” he once told Forbes . Donald Trump may be an expert at using laws, but it doesn’t look like he’s ready to make them.

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