A Massachusetts deliveryman has been arrested by police officers on Friday, Sept. 17, after he wrote homophobic slurs in the food order of a gay couple living in East Sandwich, Cape Cod

Matthew Butchard, a 27-year-old man from East Sandwich in Cape Cod, has been charged with criminal harassment after he scribbled homophobic slurs on the Subway sandwich delivery order of gay couple Todd Hermann, 62, and Steven James, 63, according to the Enterprise.

Butchard, in a video he posted on Snapchat, was seen delivering sandwiched to their residence before proceeding to scribble the image of a penis on their order as well as writing their names next to a homophobic slur. He reportedly placed the order on their doorstep and left.

Residents of the area have been harassed by Butchard on numerous past occasions. A female tipster who lived in the neighborhood said that Butchard has been known to “terrorize the town” in many incidents and that she hopes this report will stop his antics, The Smoking Gun reported.

Butchard has reportedly repeatedly terrorized the gay couple prior to this arrest, in one incident he damaged their mailbox before threatening to spray-paint their cars. He has also spoken about the couple on social media, posting offensive material about their sexual orientation.

The young son of the couple, who are both in their 60s, said that he believes that Butchard targets them because of his fathers’ same-sex relationship.

“Butchard doesn’t like me because I have two gay dads, I guess,” he said.

Butchard was previously arrested in 2017 for drug possession and shoplifting after he stole $50 worth of cigarette lighters and snacks from a Stop & Shop in Hyannis. After he was tracked down by the police, they found over 4.8 ounces of marijuana in his possession, according to Cape Cod Times.

They also found 900 doses of LSD, 10 ounces of mushrooms, and hash oil in his possession. He told the police then that he made his living selling marijuana.

A DoorDash delivery person with a history of aggression and drug dealing has been arrested after he harassed a gay couple in his area with homophobic slurs. This is a representational image. Kai Pilger/Unsplash.

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