The “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 55 release date is yet a month away but fans are already trying to figure out where the manga’s plot is headed next. With earth temporarily saved from destruction in the hands of Moro, “DBS” spoilers predict that Merus’ identity and Goku’s training might be the focus of the manga’s next installment.

In the recently released “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 54, Gohan was up against Seven-Three, the alien android who is a member of Moro’s Galactic Bandit Brigade. However, Gohan had a hard time defeating the android due to his specialty – he can copy the abilities of anyone by touching the back of their neck.

It was due to his copy ability that he was able to fight evenly with the Super Namekian Piccolo. But unlike Piccolo, Seven-Three has infinite stamina and he would have defeated the exhausted Piccolo had Gohan not intervened.

The android used Piccolo’s ability and turned into a giant to fight Gohan. However, the latter proved to be too nimble that Seven-Three wasn’t able to catch him to copy his ability even when he stretched his arms.

In fact, Gohan used Seven-Three’s stretched arms to launch himself into the air to launch a Kamehameha attack on the Andriod. But Seven-Three had a trick up his sleeve as well. He used Moro’s ability to manipulate energy and simply absorbed Gohan’s attack.

With the absorbed energy from the Kamehameha, Seven-Three was about to retaliate when Moro, who was observing the fight from his spaceship, heard about Goku and Vegeta. Intrigued, he ordered the android and his teammates to depart from earth.

Moro calculated that he’d be getting more energy to absorb if he waits for the two strong fighters. Thus, the earth is temporarily safe for about a month before Moro and his entourage return to the planet.

And now here are a few but exciting “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 55 speculations. According to Otakukart, the upcoming manga installment isn’t likely to feature the exciting fight between Moro versus Goku and Vegeta just yet. Instead, Goku will likely be shown and how his mastery in tapping Ultra Instinct has progressed.

Meanwhile, Anime Scoop suggested that “DBS” Chapter 55 will also reveal more about Merus' secret identity. While angels are supposed to maintain neutrality and not side with either good or bad, Merus has always sided with the good side.

Now, this raised a few speculations as to what Merus exactly might be. There were talks that perhaps he might just be half-angel, which explains why he can do as he pleases.

“Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 55 release date is scheduled on December 20, 2019. Stay tuned to Latin Times for more updates on this manga series.

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