A drug baron in the United Kingdom who has spent the last 25 years behind bars is being released from prison in November, sparking fears from many police officers in the country of a potential resurgence in drug sales due to him still being a ‘major player.’

Curtis Warren, nicknamed as the “Cocky Watchman” or simply “Cocky,” has largely been in prison since 1997 for a variety of drug-related offenses. He received a 13-year sentence in 2009 for attempting to smuggle cannabis into Jersey, and a 10-year sentence after he was unable to pay over $228 million in confiscation orders, according to the Daily Star.

Now, after having spent the last 25 years in jail, Warren is set to leave the high-security Whitemoor prison at Cambridgeshire that he has been residing in November, with concerns growing from the local police due to the current status of Warren in the crime community, where he still reportedly has the support of many senior criminals, Express reported.

“Warren’s been the subject of countless meetings among top brass,” a source from the National Crime Agency in Britain said. “They’re desperate to keep a lid on gangland shootings but he remains a major player with a big reach on Merseyside and beyond, so there are considerable steps in place to monitor any potential for fallout.”

Warren, who was nicknamed the ‘Pablo Escobar of Britain,’ had at one point obtained a fortune of over $345 million. Officials will reportedly be keeping a close eye on his activities after he is released, and that he could be returned to prison on the first sign of an offense.

Among the restrictions that he will experience in the first five years of his sentence are “using cars, property, borrowing money, making transfers, holding trusts or shakes, and using foreign or virtual currency.”

“There’ll be eyes all over Curtis when he gets out and he knows he’ll be restricted as to where he can go and who he can see,” an insider said. “He’s an intelligent man so I’m sure he’ll be keeping a low profile on his release.”

'Cocky' Curtis Warren Release Rep. Pic
A major drug baron in Britain, 'Cocky Watchman' Curtis Warren, is set to be released in November of this year, causing alarm with police officials about him potentially returning to the drug trade. This is a representational image. GRAS GRÜN/Unsplash.

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