A man almost died from suffocation after he got himself stuck at his ex-girlfriend’s home window in the Kherson Region, Ukraine. It appears that he was drunk at that time and wanted to have sex with his former fling.

Both were reportedly hanging out at the woman’s house when the man started making sexual advances. When the woman refused, this led to an argument between the former couple.

Despite the squabble, the man still refused to leave. It appears he was already outside the home in the aftermath of the argument. However, the drunk man appeared to try to get back into the home via a window but ended up getting stuck.

It was unclear how long the man was stuck at the window. But it appears that the length of time he was wedged there eventually affected him, blocking his airways.

The woman was reportedly surprised to find the man stuck in the window and immediately called the police for help.

When emergency services and police arrived, they reportedly found the man suffering and having extreme difficulties.

"The man’s lower body was sticking out the window. He was unconscious and hardly breathing," a police insider quipped.

Medics later confirmed that the man almost suffocated to death had responders not arrived. He was immediately brought to the hospital for further treatment after he was freed from the window.

At the hospital, attending physicians admitted that the man could have died had police and medics not arrived in time. His ex-girlfriend, later on, revealed that the two had broken up but the man was constantly harassing him.

It appears, that this was in full display when the man was found stuck at the window. Due to intoxication, the man further struggled to free himself after he got stuck for wanting to have sexual intercourse with his former mate.

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