A couple who had been married for 18 months had an argument that led to their eight-month-old daughter's death. The mother of the child filed a police report after her inebriated husband murdered the infant. Police arrested the accused and launched an investigation into the incident.

On Saturday, July 31 night the accused, identified as Mohammad Nazim, had gone to confront his wife at her home in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India. The couple had not been on good terms due to which the woman, Mahtab Jahan, had left her partner. She had taken their daughter with her to her maternal home.

Unhappy with the separation, Nazim visited his wife and demanded that he was allowed to take his daughter back with him. The mother refused to allow the drunk man to take the child with him. This angered the accused, the Times of India reported.

He picked up the child and flung her onto the floor. Nazim reportedly repeated the action till the child was dead. The woman’s family was not able to prevent the attack. When the man stopped flinging the child, the mother took her to a nearby private hospital. The child was declared dead by doctors, Ahmedabad Mirror reported.

The woman filed a complaint against her husband with the police. On Sunday, August 1 the accused was arrested based on his wife’s complaint. The police are investigating the incident.

In a similarly harrowing incident, another child was brutalized to death after her mother wanted a divorce from her stepfather. 44-year-old Aleksandr Pilipenko was sentenced for the harrowing murder of 5-year-old Daria Pilipenko. The child’s mother 23-year-old Yekaterina Pilipenko has remained at a mental health facility since the incident.

The step-father initially reported Daria missing in November 2019. He claimed that the child had gone missing from their home in Kropotkine, Crimea. Police launched a search for the missing child, however, two days after filing the report, Aleksandr confessed.

He told the police that he had found out Yekaterina wanted a divorce. He decided to take out his rage on the child. While bathing the toddler he began beating her. He then raped the toddler before drowning her in the bathwater. After killing the child, he put clothes on the body and buried her in the outskirts of the village.

Following the confession, he led the police to the site where the child was buried. Details of the rape and murder severely impacted the mother’s mental health. The court was told that the woman was unable to accept the death and was still institutionalized. Aleksandr was sentenced to life for the crime.

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Representation Image. A nurse was detained after allegedly piercing the eyes of a newborn after delivering the infant. Creative Commons Pixabay

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