A man ended up getting killed by sharks while he was trying to relieve himself at the Piedade Beach in Jaboatao dos Guararapes in northeastern Brazil. He was out drinking with his friends at that time and ended up trying to take a piss with no comfort rooms available.

The man was identified as Marcelo Rocha Santos who was drinking with friends when an alleged shark attack happened. He along with another friend decided to head into the sea to urinate at around 2:00 p.m. and the waters turned murky that made it difficult to see anything in the water.

The attack, which happened on Saturday, July 10, was witnessed by several bystanders. There were warning signs telling people to stay out of the ocean. A lifeguard was allegedly on duty at that time but failed to order the two men to return to the beach as the water was only up to their waste.

“As the beach has no bathroom, I went into the sea to pee. I was beside him [in] the water,” Ademir Sebastiao da Silva stated about the incident.

This allowed the shark to strike. The hand of Santos was bitten off as well as some parts of his leg. The lifeguard on duty was unable to do anything. It was the friends of Santos who managed to bring the body of the 51-year-old on to shore but unconscious. The scene left other people stunned, some even managing to take footage of it.

Santos was rushed to a hospital in Recife but was pronounced dead. Da Silva managed to escape the attack unharmed.

“It could be me. It was God’s deliverance,” he said. “If I had been diving or lingered in the water, I could have been attacked.”

According to a report from Globo News, Jonas Rodrigues, a researcher at the Federal University of Pernambuco, the species involved is a tiger shark.

A surge in shark attacks in the region has been reported especially during this time of year as the heavy rains make the ocean cloudy.

There have been 62 incidents with 25 fatalities in the last 30 years — to the construction of the Suape Port in 1992.

Terror in Oak Island, North Carolina after two shark attacks. Shutterstock/mingis

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