A scary scene over in Russia happened recently with a father who was shown on video dangling his 3-year-old son from the 14th floor of a residential tower.

Based on reports, the man used the boy as leverage by threatening to drop him to punish his wife who he accused of cheating.

The man was identified as 34-year-old Roman Terentyev who held his son, Maksim, from a window ledge for more than two hours. He threatened his wife, named Olga, of dropping the boy 150-feet to his death for alleged infidelity.

It was an intense situation that required the help of psychologists. Lengthy negotiations thankfully prevailed on the situation that stemmed from a dispute between the couple.

It turns out that the woman wanted a divorce from the man. According to her, she was also attacked with a hammer by Roman.

It appears things got out of hand with Terentyev getting obsessed with the woman. He went as far as to install hidden cameras in their apartment.

It reached the point where the man kidnapped their son and sent threatening messages that included taking his life as well as their son.

Neighbors were the ones who alerted the police when they saw the 34-year-old hold the boy at the open window of an enclosed balcony at a rented flat. Footage of the incident was captured and immediately went viral over social media.

In the end, authorities stormed into the flat and apprehended Terentyev. He was handcuffed and pushed into a detention vehicle. He is now held under custody on suspicion of “preparing to murder a minor.” If he is found guilty, the 34-year-old could face up to ten years in prison.

It appears Terentyev has a history of using the woman’s children against his wife. He allegedly attacked his 19-year-old stepson, tying him for six hours in another dispute with his wife.

In a leaked testimony, the man allegedly said that he did not want to do these things and simply wanted his wife to pay attention to him because he loved her very much.

Representational image. Reuters

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