“Dynasty” is back but it appears the Carringtons won’t be having a Merry Christmas to kick off its fifth season.

“Dynasty” season 5 is all set to premiere on Dec. 20 and an official trailer has come out to give viewers a glimpse of what to expect. Most of the regular cast is there although the condition of Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies) remains unclear.

In what will most likely be the tone of the initial episode, the Carringtons will not be having a good holiday season with Fallon likely in the hospital after getting shot in the “Dynasty” season 4 finale.

And at the back of everyone’s mind, it is all about trying to figure out who shot her. But the most obvious of them all is Eva (Kara Royster). Although she was arrested, there is still a possibility that someone else may have pulled the trigger.

Speaking of arrests, there is the twist involving Alexis Carrington (Elaine Hendrix) who was framed by her son Adam Carrington (Sam Underwood).

These are plots that should continue and there is plenty to mention. There is the health case of Jeff Colby (Sam Adegoke) and Dominique Devereaux (Michael Michelle) who got that disturbing call.

And who could forget the political aspirations of Blake Carrington (Grant Snow) who is getting help from no other than his wife Cristal Carrington (Daniella Alonso)?

While Blake could be seen upset at this holiday season being different, it remains that there are still twists that can alter the course.

Liam Ridley (Adam Huber) will also be another character to check out, someone who could further get back his senses and watch over Fallon more closely. Amanda Carrington (Eliza Bennett) is slowly finding her place and is expected to be part of the rowdy mix.

There is plenty to ponder and “Dynasty” fans need to wait just a few more days to get the answers.

“Dynasty” season 5 premiered with a two-hour event on Monday, Dec. 20 on The CW.

Elizabeth Gillies and Sam Adegoke of 'Dynasty'
Elizabeth Gillies and Sam Adegoke of 'Dynasty' Getty Images | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

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