A 5-year-old boy died after he was allegedly hit hard and slammed onto wall, but his mother didn't do anything to stop her partner from committing the crime as she was "too eager to be in a relationship" with the man.

Nickolle Aguilar, the boy’s mom, and his stepfather, Daniel Garcia were arrested after the child's body was discovered in Colorado.

According to court documents, the boy, Domenic Aguilar-Acevedo, died on July 25 in a hotel room in San Antonio, Texas, CBS Denver reported. Aguilar, 25, said that Garcia, 26, hit her child so hard that he slammed against a wall then he threw up a dark substance and died after being in severe pain.

Surveillance footage shows Garcia going downstairs at the hotel with a lifeless body early morning on July 26. Authorities said that the pair had a hotel reservation till July 29, but left without checking out properly, and then traveled to Colorado with the body. The couple stayed in a remote area where they buried the body, after which they headed towards Costa Rica.

Aguilar said that’s when her mom asked her about the child and his well being, and then she shared what happened. Aguilar's mom was later questioned by FBI agents in Costa Rica where she gave them details about what happened to her grandson.

When agents responded to the campsite on Aug. 25, they found the body in a deep ravine, and said that it was exposed to animal activity for almost one month. Aguilar and her mother visited the campsite to give the boy a proper burial, and “do the right thing."

The child's mom said that she saw Garcia physically abusing the child before his death, but didn't intervene because “she was too eager to be in a relationship.” Aguilar also said that after the incident, she and her boyfriend were worried about losing custody of their other children. It is unclear how many kids they have and who is taking care of them now.

After an autopsy was performed, evidence of trauma was found.

The couple is now hit with a felony charge of injury to a child causing serious bodily injury-death, according to The Denver Channel.

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