Eduardo Yáñez Attacks 'El Gordo Y La Flaca' Paco Fuentes During Red Carpet Interview [VIDEO]

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Eduardo Yáñez sends a reporter from "El Gordo y la Flaca" to the hospital! Photo: Twitter

A reporter from "El Gordo y la Flaca" was attacked on the red carpet when the telenovela actor Eduardo Yáñez lost his patience and overturned his fury against him. Paco Fuentes was heavily slapped by the Mexican actor during the Pantaya service presentation event in Los Angeles, California.

According to Univision Noticias, Yáñez, minutes before the incident, had told reporter Juan Manuel Navarro, of Televisa Espectáculos, about the relationship artist should have with the press. "The press does a very different job than I do ... It has expanded to comment more on the personal lives of the actors than on the work. But the actors have to adapt to that and know how to answer and what we don’t."

Apparently the words of the actor evaporated, as minutes later he assaulted Fuentes. The reporter offered Orlando Segura, from "Despierta América," his version of what happened, commenting that he asked the Mexican actor for his son and asked him to explain why when Eduardo Yáñez Jr.  crashed his car he had to open a GoFund Me page to ask for money and help instead of asking his dad."If you're so worried about my son, you send him the money and you go and tell him," the actor replied.

After Yanez's response, Fuentes insisted and reminded him that it was his job to ask him about what people said, a comment that wasn't pleasing to the actor. "That's bullshit, that's what you all says to make people want to know what they don't care about," Yanez added.

The video shows when the reporter tried to emphasize that the work of the press is to be the link between the audience and the celebrities, but Yánez's response was even more aggressive: "You are pure ass! You're not the link of anything, brother, and don't disrespect me anymore," he said.

Paco Fuentes wanted to clarify that what he was doing wasn't disrespectful, when suddenly he was abruptly interrupted by a slap on the cheek and the left ear. After the blow, the reporter went to the hospital, because according to him the pain in the face and the ear was too strong.

Fuentes is expected to file a complaint against the actor. Watch the video below:

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