Eduardo Yáñez is embroiled in serious allegations against him that called him a woman abuser, racist and drug addict. To the surprise of everyone, the words are coming from his own son. Now the "Amores Con Trampa" actor is firing back and defending himself in the media.

"I know that your [reporters] this is looks like sh**, it's even more for me," he said according to TVNotas. Although he didn't want to talk about his son because "it would like talking bad about myself," he did go on to say: "On social media everyone has been respectful because they know I don't talk about my personal life, but unfortunately my son opened the door, and if you are going to believe him, it's all on you. It's ridiculous and not of a man that talks bad about their family, it is stupid. I have always criticized that and now it has come in to my life without my calling for it."

The telenovela actor also added: "It's obvious that it hurts and he can count on me. I hope he never see's himself in a problem like this. I will be here for him when he has the humility that he needs to have. To try to get my attention in this way, it's wrong. I want him to hit his head and if he wants to write a book, he should learn how to write first, learn how to speak, and then he can write a book."

Weeks ago Eduardo Yáñez son wrote on Twitter: "Funny how in telenovelas my dad always plays the hero, but in real life it's completely the opposite, drug addict, racist, abuses women." He then added: "Sooner or later the truth eventually comes out !!!"

Before that tirade Yánez Jr wrote: "Im grateful that I had a bad father, serves the perfect example of how not to be when my kid is born."

He went on to add: "A real father molds and transforms his son to be better than him not just like him but better that's how imma be with my son."

On Father's Day he went on to post a celebratory message and took a dig at his father writing: "Happy Father's Day to all the real ones that sacrifice a lot for your kids to be happy :) happy Father's Day"

When one of his followers replied to him and telling him that she saw the "Destilando Amor" actor with the actress Africa Zavala, she suggested she "run for this hills," to which Yáñez Jr. second that thought revealing, "Eventually everyone runs for the hills , that's what my mom did , thats what his ex wife did , that's what Ana Carolina da Fonseca did, same."