Premiering on December 11 on Univision is "El Rey David", a new limited-run series that will take over primetime on the Spanish-language network. The series is one of the most acclaimed by Brazilian viewers and it will no doubt be a fan favorite for Latino audiences. If you loved "Los Diez Mandamientos," "La Tierra Prometida," and "José de Egipto", you will thoroughly enjoy this new series. Meet the cast and characters of "El Rey David" below and tell us what you think!

Leonardo Bricio (David): David is a man who follows God's heart. Son to Jesse and Edna, and the youngest of seven brothers. He is a sheepherder. David is God`s chosen one to become King of Israel, bringing upon him King Saul`s envy and fury. He becomes a strong, brave and feared warrior. He is also an artist who plays the harp and sings beautifully. He also composes psalms in worship of God. He is generous, sensitive and humble, a man of invaluable faith. He transforms into a wise, just and powerful King. Adored by his people. A forbidden love will bring tragedy into his life.

Gracindo Jr. (Saul): Married to Ahinoam, he is father to Jonathan, Ish-bosheth, Merab and Michal. At the beginning of our story, King Saul is nearing 50 years of age and has been ruling for thirty years. He governs over the Israelites brilliantly. A valiant warrior, he leads his soldiers with a firm hand. As time goes by, he becomes a self-sufficient and an arrogant man, but inside he is weak and vulnerable. He begins to disobey God`s commandments and has grievous failures. An evil spirit torments him after God takes his kingdom. It is only through David`s music that he is soothed. He loves David as a son, but he becomes his enemy when he discovers that David is God`s anointed one.

Renata Dominguez (Bate-Seba): She's our heroic David's great love. She shares a forbidden love with him. Beautiful, charming and mysterious, Bathsheba is married to Uriah, one of David`s soldiers, at the time that she is courted by the King. She resists, at first, but gives in and commits adultery, which will have devastating consequences. They both fall madly in love. She marries David after her husband`s death. She suffers greatly by the death of their firstborn son. But is blessed by the birth of Solomon, the future King if Israel. Eliam and Lais`s daughter, and granddaughter to Ahithophel. She is serene, patient and wise but has a strong personality. David`s other wives hate her.

Maria Ribeiro/Eline Porto (Mical): Saul's daughter and first wife to David, Michal is very pretty. Because of this, she is stubborn, false, manipulative and a liar. She is envious of her sister Merab and draws pleasure from creating intrigue. She helps David flee from her father`s wrath and waits for the day that he`ll come back for her. Since that day never comes, she feels abandoned by David. She`s forced by her father into marrying Palti, a man who she despises. A while later, David has her taken from her husband but Michal refuses because she knows that David only wants her for political reasons. She becomes Bathsheba`s torment. She also worships pagan gods, which provokes David`s anger. She never gets over the fact that she cannot conceive any children.

João Vitti/Bernardo Segreto (Joabe): David`s nephew, he is a widower. He is father to Rachael. He is an honorable man with a strong personality but very impulsive at the same time. Most of his follies happen because he acts without thinking. He becomes King David`s right arm and the commander of his army. He is greatly respected by his soldiers. A feared warrior, he is bloodthirsty and is also a great strategist.

Clemente Viscaino (Jesse): Husband to Edna. Jesse is David`s father as well as his seven brothers. Jesse is a poor and simple man. He is also harsh. He lives in Bethlehem in the country with his family. He shows favoritism towards his older sons whom are King Saul`s soldiers. He doesn`t pay David much attention and judges him as a youth without much potential in becoming a warrior. This is why he assigns him the task of herding his sheep, a task deemed indignant at the time.

Angela Leal (Edna): Jesse's wife and mother to David and his seven brothers. A wise woman of great faith. She is hard working and dedicated. She teaches David to play the harp and sing lovely worship songs to God. She knows David`s talent and value and does not underestimate him as his father and brothers do. David is her favorite son as opposed to the rest of the family.

Rodrigo Phavanello (Eliabe): David's older brother. He is Jesse's firstborn and most beloved son. Tall and handsome, he is part of King Saul`s army. In truth, he is a mediocre warrior who loves to tell tall tales of victory. He doesn`t believe that David killed a bear and a lion in order to save his father's flock of sheep and believes David is making up stories for lack of courage. He is shocked when he sees David slay Goliath. He uses people and is ambitious. He believes that he will be the one anointed by Samuel, but when he sees that David is chosen, he is becomes very envious of his brother.