Univision has found great success airing Brazilian telenovelas on primetime and "El Rico y Lázaro" will premiere in January 2018 in the network. The series has great production values from the creators of hits like "Moises y los 10 Mandamientos", "José de Egipto" and "La Tierra Prometida." Audiences are going to love this new take of the biblical story special during this time of year. Read more about the cast and the characters the play on the series below and tell us what you think!

Dudu Azevede (Asher): Asher is a brave, smart and naughty boy. He likes games of war and dreams of becoming a great archer to defend (his) the kingdom. Asher and Johanna have always known each other and the love that one feels for the other will withstand all challenges, fights, breakups and struggles, remaining intense to the end of their lives. He loves Johanna deeply and, although he doesn´t understand her faith, he admires (her) it´s strength and courage. Asher and Zach have a deep friendship that defines their lives forever. Their bond is so strong that, even when they fight, they can´t give up their strong affection for each other. When their lives, and everything they´ve known and loved are taken away, Asher becomes lost. Without the protection of his faith, he is guided forward by vengeance and anger.

Milena Toscano (Johanna): Johanna is naturally more mature than her friends and struggles for her faith since childhood, not allowing herself to be influenced by the environment of infidelity around her. Her courage comes from an unconditional trust in God and it is through faith that she overcomes the fears and shortcomings on her journey. She becomes a strong and decided woman, who doesn´t hesitate in fighting for her beliefs, always trying to strengthen the faith of her people. Because of her wisdom and example of faithfulness, Johanna is admired by all. Even if she suffers, she never victimizes herself. From her faith, the strength that pushes her forward is born, and it never fades.

Igor Rickli (Zach): Zach is the eldest son from Chaim's second marriage, and endures the demands that come with this position. He doesn't feel up to the demands of his father, whom he fears as much as he loves. Zach is always seeking the himself that way, on the contrary. He thinks he is generous and benevolent when he ignores the weaknesses of the rich, as he closes his eyes to his own flaws. He is what we would call a religious fanatic, completely wrong and sickly, tormented by untold desires.

Saulo Meneghetti (Oziel): Priest Fassur´s faithful servant, he follows all of his orders without questioning. He is so used to hearing his master say that women are the root of all evil, that he will begin to fear them.

Heitor Martinez (Nebuchadnezzar): Nebuchadnezzar takes the throne after the death of his father and, throughout his forty years rule, he transforms Babylon into the richest and most powerful city of his time. Nebuchadnezzar is the personification of sheer power. He was raised and trained to rule with absolute power. His intelligence is as great as his cruelty. No life is more important than his interests and wishes. He has learned and acquired the habit of not trusting anyone. Nebuchadnezzar´s conflict with Abraham´s God is, also, a conflict between his own egocentric and arrogant personality and a reality that is completely beyond his control.

Robertha Portella (Edissa): Extremely patient and sweet, she withstands all of Neusta´s whims and serves her lady faithfully. She´s in love with Joachim, and will face the opposition of the mother in law-to-be, bending her gently. She will only agree to marry Joachim after Neusta´s approval.

Henrique Filgueiras (Joachim): Joachim´s deeds are evil in the eyes of the Lord, but he doesn´t realize it. It is only after meeting Daniel and living with him, that he will understand true faith and realize that Jeremiah always told the truth. From that moment on, he will try to follow the good path. Joachim will fall in love with the young servant Edissa during captivity, facing her mother Neusta´s opposition.