Univision is set to premiere "La Tierra Prometida" on Monday, August 7 at 10pm/9c following the 2-hour series finale of "José de Egipto." The sequel to "Moisés y Los 10 Mandamientos" has a lot riding on its back, to recuperate the time slot after "Rosario Tijeras" failed and lost the fight against Telemundo's "El Señor de los Cielos." It will not be an easy task but programming executives are hoping to hit gold after "Moisés" was a ratings powerhouse on sister network UniMás earlier this year. Get acquainted with the characters of "La Tierra Prometida" down below and tell us if you will be watching!

Sidney Sampaio stars as Joshua: After Moses’ death, becomes the spiritual and military leader of the Hebrews, and commands them in their conquest of the Promised Land. He is an experienced warrior, gifted with courage, determination and a powerful faith. He is Ana’s widower, and he intended to remain lonely for the rest of his life, but falls in love with the beautiful and brave ARAUNAH. His relationship with her causes the villain SAMARA to hate them. She is obsessively in love with JOSHUA, so she feels rejected and swears to take revenge.

Paloma Bernardi stars as Samara: Madly in love with JOSHUA, although unrequited, she is obsessed with winning his heart and marrying him. She despises her adoptive sister ARAUNAH, but really she just envies her qualities. When she finds out that JOSHUA is in love with ARAUNAH, she gets enraged and becomes the main antagonist in the soap opera. She becomes a plague, envious and vindictive.

Thaís Melchior stars as Araunah: She wants to know more about her past and, through the soap opera, she will uncover mysteries that she can’t even imagine about her parents’ story. She is beautiful and delicate, but strong and agile. She is such a good fighter that she begins taking part in military battles, along with men. She takes an arrow from TOBIAS, who is being manipulated by SAMARA. ARAUNAH survives, then after some time in captivity under Canaanite enemies, she returns to be with her lover JOSHUA.

Milhem Cortaz stars as Caleb: The leader of Judah’s tribe. A powerful warrior, absolutely loyal to his great friend Joshua. Has a pure and generous heart. He is a man of strong faith, a loving husband to his wife, NAOMI, and an excellent father, always willing to correct and advise his troublesome sons, sometimes with care, sometimes with toughness.

Mirian Freeland stars as Rahab: A prostitute from Jericho who has Faith in the Lord in spite of her pagan origins. She helps the Hebrew spies SALMON and MELCHIAH escape the Canaanite soldiers. For this act of bravery, and for believing in the only God, she and her family are spared when Jericho is invaded and decimated. RAHAB and her family moves with Judah’s tribe. She and her family members face many prejudices, especially because she falls in love and gets involved with one of the Hebrew spies, SALMON.

Igor Rickli stars as King Marek: King of Jericho, married to QUEEN KALESI. Presumptuous, vain and despicable.

Juliana Silveira stars as Queen Kalesi: The feared “lady of the snakes” from Jericho. As beautiful as she is evil, she is KING MAREK’s wife. Sadistic and cruel.