The final week of "El Señor de los Cielos" is here and we are already dreading it, not because it's bad, but because we are expecting tons of deaths. Episode 80, has Ximena (Ximena Herrera) accusing Aurelio (Rafael Amaya) of sending him to kill Santiago and therefor her as well. Aurelio assures her that he would never hurt her, but she says she's not surprised as he also killed her father. Aurelio tells Ximena that she is the love of his life. Ximena wants to see her daughters before she dies and tells Aurelio that his punishment would be to see the girls and think about how he killed their mother. Rutila (Carmen Aub) begs her mother not to die, Ximena asks her not to commit the same mistakes that she made. Ximena dies.

Mónica (Fernanda Castillo) calls Aurelio and finds out that Ximena died. He tells her that it was Chema (Mauricio Ochmann) who sent to kill her. Rutila calls Chema and asked why he killed her mother. Chema is surprised with the news and assures Rutila that it wasn't him, that it was most likely his father. Rutila remembers a conversation she had with her sister about when she saw her mother get shot and questions if it was her father. Chacorta is made aware that Victor Jr. has disappeared, he finally finds the woman that ran away from him. Rutila confronts her father for killing her mother and lying to her. She questions how he changed from one day to another letting them go with Santiago and says she's going to make him suffer.

"You are the one that send to kill Santiago, but the assassins made a mistake and now you're full of guilt," Rutila tells Aurelio. Mónica questions why Chema would kill Ximena, she says that the only person that could've done it was Aurelio. Only 4 episodes left for "El Señor de los Cielos" and now the federals have a close call with Aurelio. During Ximena's funeral they plan on raiding the place to see of Aurelio is in fact alive after they thought he was dead. "El Señor de los Cielos" ends on Monday, September 29 at 10pm ET/PT on Telemundo.