Rafael Amaya, Aarón Díaz, Eugenio Siller Explain Telenovelas!
The heartthrobs of Telemundo's primetime telenovelas made an appearance on the 'Today' show to explain why Latinos are so passionate about the genre. NBC

Telenovelas make Telemundo sizzle every night as the actors on screen are some of the most beautiful people on the planet. During a special week on NBC's "Today" show, the hosts explored the differences between this genre popular with Hispanic audiences and soap operas. Aarón Díaz, Eugenio Siller and Rafael Amaya were on deck to explain the differences as the popular hunks have starred in popular series like "Santa Diabla," "Reina de Corazones" and "El Señor de los Cielos," respectively. “Telenovelas are part of our culture,” Díaz explained. “Telenovelas go on for a certain amount of time and soap operas I understand go on forever … and they are very dramatic. Us Latins like a lot of drama so I think that’s one of the main reasons they do so well.”

Siller who currently stars opposite Paola Nuñez on "Reina de Corazones" talked about his origins in the entertainment world. “I started off doing musicals… acting, singing and dancing at the same time so I have a big passion for music and acting,” Siller shared. “In some of my novelas I get to sing some of the songs like in ‘Reina de Corazones’ I have the romantic theme for the novela and I love it. That’s basically how I got started off, when I was 14, 15.” Plots in telenovela takes some twists and turns and "El Señor de los Cielos" came back from the dead for a second season after the smashing first season. “It’s 180 episodes or 200 episodes, I mean it changes a lot,” Amaya chimed in. “Everything happens in a day or in a week, so you have to catch up every day." Watch the trio of heartthrobs explain the differences between telenovelas and soaps!

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