The time has come for "El Señor De Los Cielos" to wrap up Season 3. Rafael Amaya stars as Aurelio Casillas as the Mexican drug lord that transports narcotis across the U.S. border. The series has been a hit for Telemundo making the latest season the biggest one yet. Season 4 has already begun production with many of the character reprising their roles for another season that promises to be the best one yet. That is still months away and for now we will have to say goodbye to these characters for the time beign, not all of them will survive and these are the reasons we will be watching the finale Monday night:

1. What Will Happen To Chema?: Don't know about you guys but we are excited to find out what happens to El Chema Venegas. We already heard rumors that the character dies, or at least taking a break from the next season. As you may know, El Chapo is the real life character that Chema is based on. With his recent escape, we can't fathom think that Telemundo is going to let the opportunity of fictionalizing this into the series. Unless they are thinking of spinning off the series?

2. Who Will Rutila Choose?: Rutila Casillas has been between Chema and Rodrigo. Although she opted to stay with the latter, she still has feelings for Chema. She is a head case and we can't wait to find out what kind of faith this character has.

3. Victor & Doña Moniquita: What is up with these two? The pairing up was a little random, but nevertheless they seem to be working things out. Can they stand the test of the narcos and actually live happily ever after? We think that's too much to ask, nobody lives happily ever after in "El Señor De Los Cielos" world.

4. Aurelio Casillas: Although he's a real life villain, inside this chaotic world he is the lead character. The audience has everything twisted and roots for the bad person. Anyway.... How many more women can he bed before the Season 3 finale?

5. Season 4 Is Coming: Earlier this year, Telemundo announced there's a Season 4 already in the works. The cast has already been busy shooting scenes for the continuation of this drama and we are sure you'll be hooked once again. The main reason you can't miss the Season 3 finale is because there's another one coming and you don't want to be lost.

"El Señor De Los Cielos" Season 3 finale will air on Monday, September 21 at 10pm ET/PT on Telemundo. How do you want this season to end?