A 63-year-old man who raped a woman in an Adelaide Aquatic Centre spa has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Hayas Kardo was found guilty of raping and indecently assaulting Megan Bales who was relaxing at the spa after working long hours in September 2018.

Bales says she fell asleep on a chair in the corner of the spa and suddenly woke up after feeling Kardo raping her. 

In the CCTV footage, Kardo can be seen approaching the sleeping victim.

"He appears to edge ever so slightly closer to [the alleged victim]," Prosecutor Carmen Matteo told the court during a hearing last year.

"Your Honour may see, and what the prosecution contends, is the dark fabric of her swimming shorts billowing up in an area out in front of the accused and to his left," she said.

During the sentencing hearing on Wednesday, June 16, the judge handed him a five-year jail sentence with a non-parole period of two years and four months.

"You watched her leave the spa and then you left the spa; you did not stop to put your shoes on," Judge Liesl Chapman said during sentencing.

"You got a towel from your backpack and put it over your head."

"That was an odd thing to do given that your head had not been under the water."

"I find that you were trying to hide knowing full well what you had just done," Judge Chapman said.

"All women are entitled to feel safe and be safe in public and private places." 

"The message is that a man will go to jail if he sexually assaults a woman in this way," the Judge added.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a police officer in India is accused of raping a 33-year-old woman after he caught her walking on the road without a face mask.

The accused police constable allegedly abducted the victim and raped her after threatening to take action against her for violating the Covid-19 protocol.

According to the victim’s complaint, the accused police officer stopped her while she was on her way to buy milk during the Covid-19 lockdown last year.

The officer then allegedly forced her into his car and then took her to an isolated location where he stripped and thrashed her.

She also alleges that the officer took nude photographs of her before raping her. The victim said that the officer continued to rape her multiple times over the next few months after blackmailing her with the photographs.

"It seems the accused cop and the woman had an affair with each other. Following disputes, they lodged complaints against each other," the Times of India quoted a police officer as saying.

Representation Image A middle-aged South Australian man who raped a woman while she fell asleep at a public Adelaide spa has been sentenced to five years in prison. This is a representation image. Pixabay