Are you one of those ardent fans of Netflix’s “Sex Education” who found the character of Maeve Wiley bearing a striking resemblance to actress Margot Robbie and now this is all you can talk about? Well, it may be time for you to give up on this interesting little observation for the French actress, Emma Mackey, who plays the character on the series, isn’t too happy by the continuous comparisons of her looks to the Suicide Squad actress.

Mackey is currently starring in the second season of "Sex Education" as Maeve Wiley, the rebellious teen who convinced Otis (Asa Butterfield) to run an unsanctioned sex clinic in the school premises as a business venture. And since day one, her striking similarity to actress Margot Robbie has been a topic of discussion, and while the 24-year-old actress finds the comparison flattering, the fact that it is all that people can talk about is annoying her now.

“I genuinely just don’t see it at all,” she said when asked about “the same high cheek bones, expressive brows and square jaw” she shares with Robbie. 

“But it’s fine. I wish people would stop comparing. Like, it’s lovely to be compared to Margot Robbie, but mostly I’d rather people focus on the jobs that we’re both doing rather than what we look like. Hollywood churns out people who look the same and we love to put people in boxes. It’s just a thing that we do as a species, we categorize people, we always have,” she added. 

But evidently, even Margot Robbie has been mistaken for Emma Mackey 

In an interview with BBC Radio 1's Ali Plumb, Margot Robbie shared that there have been occasions when she was mistaken for the "Sex Education" star, the recent example being the Apple Pan diner.

"Someone came up to me, I was eating a burger," said Robbie. "And they were like “I loved you in “Sex Education,” that show is so cool, we just started watching it.'” And I was like “I'm so sorry, it's not me.”

And while we, undoubtedly, respect Mackey’s wishes, it doesn’t hurt to imagine Emma Mackey working in The Suicide Squad 2 with Robbie. Trippy, right?