'En Tierras Salvajes' Televisa Telenovela
Cristián de la Fuente, Mayrín Villanueva and Horacio Pancheri star in new Televisa telenovela. Televisa

Televisa has announced their newest project from the creators of "Gran Hotel" and "Velvet." The new telenovela is called "En Tierras Salvajes" and it stars Mayrín Villanueva and Cristián De La Fuente. Shooting for the new production has started in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán in México and it is expected to premiere on Univision later this year. The series also stars Diego Olivera, Horacio Pancheri, Maricruz Nájera, Daniela Romo, Salvador Pineda, Lisardo y César Évora, Ninel Conde and Ximena Córdoba.

"En Tierras Salvajes" is the story of three brothers that fall for the same woman, the wife of one of them. The conflict of emotions that this tragic situation provokes will take them to a series of conflicts that will forever mark their lives. The premise is an original idea from Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira, that will be adapted by Liliana Abud, Katia Rodríguez and Victoria Orvañanos.

Mayrín Villanueva was last seen in the telenovela "Mujeres De Negro," that was released on the online platform UnivisionNOW. The actress played Vanessa, a generous, strong, and beautiful woman that combines her household chores with her career as an interpreter-translator, but she is also an excellent cook. She used to have a happy life but it all changes when her husband Julio starts lying to her; Vanessa suspects he is involved in some murky business. The limit is reached when her son Diego is a victim of an express kidnapping and Julio doesn’t do anything about it; Vanessa fears that her own life as well as her little son’s are in danger, so she decides to do whatever it takes to protect her child. When she tells her situation to Jackie and Katia, her best friends, the three of them agree that killing Julio will solve Vanessa’s problems.

Cristián de la Fuente recently wrapped up "Sueño De Amor" where ha played Ricardo Alegría, a handsome, honest and fun man. His two children, Rodrigo and Selene, are everything to him. Nonetheless, he is a ‘single’ parent since his marriage with Tracy is in a crisis. His greatest love is Esperanza, the woman with whom he was about to marry once and was compelled to leave when his father’s disease forced him to move to the USA. There, he became an Interpol’s agent and now his job is to chase elite criminals. As a matter of fact, he is currently trying to catch ‘La Sombra’ ('The Shadow') and in order to do that, he needs to return to Mexico where he will meet again with Esperanza and also with the possibility to fulfill the dream of his life: being with her.

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