Erick Elias
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From lead singer in a '90s Latino boy band to starring in film and TV, Erick Elias feels nothing but thrilled to have kicked off 2016 with new projects. The Mexican actor is currently the lead role on Univision's telenovela "El Hotel de los Secretos," he's also got a new movie on his plate, expected to release in the Spring. We talked to the 35-year-old actor from Guadalajara, Mexico about his new ventures and this is everything he told us!

Latin Times: How has the audience received "El Hotel de los Secretos"?

Erick Elias: Very well, actually. Fans love to leave their feedback on social media and after every episode they let us know if they liked it or not. From my understanding, ratings are doing good. We are very excited with this production and I think everyone is happy with the final product.

LT: How did you prepare for your leading role as Julio Olmedo? I heard you went on a crazy diet!

EE: The preparation began since the first day when the director offered this role to me. Julio has an alternative side, where he likes to fight a lot in the streets, so I had to prepare a lot with a boxing trainer before filming began. Yes, I was in a diet, but more than anything it was training and exercising.

LT: What similarities do you share with Julio?

EE: Julio is very focused and he has desire. Desire to discover the truth. That's me... I always focus on what I want.

Erick Elias
Erick Elias is Julio Olmedo in "El Hotel de los Secretos" courtesy

LT: What's the best part about working with cast members such as Daniela Romo and Irene Azuela?

EE: This cast is a school for me, to work with people who I admire and who have been in this industry for a long time. I admire Irene a lot as an actress. On a personal level, we have many things in common and we get along great.

LT: For those who have yet to watch "El Hotel de los Secretos," what are three reasons everyone should watch it?

EE: Let's see... it's entertaining, everyone is going to have a good time watching it. Visually, it's incredible... from the wardrobe to the scenery. It's something different, there's a lot of supense and mystery.

LT: Before your kicked off your acting career, you were part of a boy band called "Tierra Cero." Out of curiosity, will you ever go back to music?

EE: No! Not at all! I already lived that and I enjoyed it, but I am focused on my career as an actor.

LT: I see you're promoting a new film on your social media. What can you tell me about "Compadres"?

EE: That's right. It's an action and comedy movie with Omar Chaparro, Aislinn Derbez and Camila Sodi that comes out in April. I play the bad guy, but it was so much fun to film it. I actually watched the movie yesterday and like it a lot. I'm happy to be a part of it.

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