A woman who formerly worked as an air stewardess before transitioning to helping charities is dead after her lover allegedly stabbed her through the eye just weeks after getting released from prison.

The woman was identified as Michaela Hall who worked for charities that supported prisoners on their release.

It was through her work that Hall meet the suspect identified as Lee Kendall. The two ended up having an intimate sexual relationship and this reportedly led to Hall being fired after her employers found out about them, the Truro Town Crown Court heard.

It appears the relationship got too deep that Hall refused to support any prosecution against Hall. After deciding to live together at Hall’s home in Mount Hawke, Cornwall, reports claim that their relationship turned rocky with the couple allegedly getting into physical altercations.

Regardless of the said attacks she got, Hall would not push for prosecution. She would deny the attacks done her when Kendall would be arrested and interviewed by police according to prosecutor Miss Jo Martin QC.

“He killed her by stabbing her through the eye with a knife,” Martin stated. “There is no doubt that he did kill Michaela Hall. He now accepted that he did, that was not always the case.”

Martin pointed out a case in June of last year where Kendall was interviewed and lied about what had happened on the night of May 31. This was after an alleged struggle with Hall being singled out as the attacker.

Kendall claims that he had tried to take the knife off her and her death was the result of an accident.

Now, the fate of Kendall will be up for the jury to decide on whether the tragedy that Hall suffered was an accident or deliberate.

Through it all, Martin added that while Hall had good intentions, her inability to recognize the importance of professional boundaries proved fatal.

It was also added that Kendall had a drug problem and was freed from prison in 2019. It was then when he had met Hall and the rest picked up from there.

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