Actors and actresses place a premium on making sure that each time they smile, they have good teeth and games to show. In the case of Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera, the 44-year-old admits that she had her share of gum problems since she was young.

Wanting to keep herself protected, she has partnered with Colgate-Palmolive alongside Brooke Shield to serve as brand ambassadors. But aside from the business side and endorsements, de la Reguera explains why she came on board with it.

“I think what is great about this toothpaste is that it prevents the damage of the gums. There is nothing like that in the market. We always focus on whitening or cleaning,” she said in an exclusive interview with this writer.

“In this profession, and really in life, it’s just as important to proactively take care of my smile the same way I take care of my skin. Which includes taking care of my gums... And they are half of my smile!” she added.

Aside from that, de la Reguera explains that her name seems to have been mixed up in season 4 of “Goliath.” While she did appear in season 2 and 3, the 44-year-old says that she is no longer around.

“I’m on season 2 and 3 but I think my name was mixed on the announcement of the fourth season. Anyway, watch “Goliath” it’s a great, great show,” she said.

Right now, de la Reguera says she is working on “Ana” a show that she wrote and created.

“I’m going to start filming on Sunday (Oct. 17) and I’m very excited, going crazy with everything and planning because of showrunning, producing, it’s insane,” she said.

Aside from that, de la Reguera added she will be releasing a new podcast which she says is a horror podcast that will be in Spanish.

She also just finished a new series on Netflix next year, a project she made with her favorite director of all-time, Luis Estrada.

There is also the animated prequel of the “Army of the Dead” coming out next year according to the Mexican actress.

Ana de la Reguera
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