New rumors regarding the release day of the next "Fallout" game, possibly "Fallout 4" point to a Dec. 11 release date. Most tech and game rumors announce possible game release dates with the month and year but this rumor is uncharacteristically specific. Since no announcement was made about "Fallout 4" at E3 the rumor mill has been pretty quiet regarding the game, at least until now. There is an air of mystery surrounding the "Fallout 4" release date news. A website called thesurvivor2299 has popped up and added fuel to the proverbial fire and ignited the rumors. is an almost blank webpage with a countdown clock and strange beeping in the background. Since the site was launched the forums on Reddit have been blowing up with gamers suggesting what the site could possibly be. Reddit user ButcherDX first made the website's discovery and another user gave a suggestion as to what the beeping might be. Another user suggested that the beeping is Morse code and is actually giving away the release date for the next "Fallout" game. used a Morse code translator and agrees with the Reddit user about the beep's meaning.

The countdown clock is supposedly another clue with gaming sites saying the clock is in fact counting down to Dec. 11. listed what they called "relevant hints" stemming from the recent bout of "Fallout 4" rumors. The first hint is that thesurvivor2299 site is registered to ZeniMax, the publisher of "Fallout 3" and "Fallout: New Vegas." If 2299 were in fact a date, it would place the events of the next game about 15-20 years after the events of "New Vegas."

Other clues coming out of say that mp3 radio clips and links to hidden images can be found within the site's code. The hidden images direct the user to which then redirects you to the official "Fallout" website. As far as rumors go one has to admit that these are pretty convincing. On the other hand it could be one wild hoax, or simply have nothing to do with "Fallout" at all. Which do you think is the stronger possibility? Will we see "Fallout 4" in December?

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