With the Russia-Ukraine war having no end in sight and amid a growing amount of Russian generals being killed in the battlefield, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on Monday that gives a payment to the families of the members of Russia’s National Guard.

The decree allows families of the members of the Russian National Guard, known officially as Rosgvardia, who died in Syria and Ukraine a payment of 5 million roubles ($81,500), and is tantamount to an admission that there have been casualties in that front on Ukraine, according to Yahoo! News.

Putin reportedly deployed them in an attempt to help seize major Ukrainian cities quickly, but has found themselves backing away from capital city Kyiv and its second-largest city Kharkiv as they focus instead on the takeover of the eastern Donbas region where Russian-backed separatists are fighting.

Among the many casualties in the field of war is Russian Major General Roman Kutuzov, who was reported to have been killed while fighting in the Donbas region by Russian reporter Alexander Sladkov, though the report remains unconfirmed by the Western media and government, the New York Post reported.

Ukraine has claimed to have killed around 12 top generals in Ukraine since the start of the war, with Western intelligence organizations claiming that at least seven senior commanders in Ukraine have been killed during the war, BBC News reported.

Western officials are also reportedly working with Ukrainian military officers to locate and kill Russian generals who are fighting in the war, with an official inside the Ukrainian government saying that they were targeted with either sniper fire or artillery.

In spite of this, Russia has not updated its official loss count for the Ukraine war since March 25, where it said that more than 1,300 Russian soldiers have died in the war. Estimates from both Ukraine and from the West rank it much higher before and since then.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing the families of the members of the Russian National Guard who died in Ukraine and Syria to receive monetary compensation for their deaths. MIKHAIL METZEL/Getty Images.

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