A far-right blogger’s attempt at a superhero film has been destroyed after the funding for the film that was raised from his supporters was stolen by an alleged crypto-billionaire in order to pay his own debts.

Far-right blogger Theodore Beale, known as Vox Day online and who is well-known for his history of racism and anti-LGBT comments, was attempting to create a superhero film based on his Confederacy-themed superhero comic book “Rebel’s Run,” with Tucker Carlson collaborator Scooter Downey set to direct. The crowdfunding efforts of the film were able to raise over $1 million from supporters, according to the Daily Beast.

In an attempt to keep the money as they continue to raise funding elsewhere for the film, Beale reportedly turned to Ohana Capital Financial, who aimed to help the “banking [needs of] the unbankable.” The bank was run by self-proclaimed crypto-billionaire James Wolfgramm, The Wrap reported.

A federal indictment on Wolfgramm later showed that much of his wealth was faked, including his crypto-mining rigs business which was reportedly just “screens just running on a loop to create the illusion of mines.” He also reportedly owed $4 million from another client to acquire PPE from a Chinese company in September 2020.

“OCF received millions of dollars from customers who believed their money would be kept on deposit until the customers directed the release of their funds,” the indictment said. “Instead, Wolfgramm and OCF spent these funds on unrelated business expenses, including in one instance, providing a refund to a prior, unrelated depositor.”

Wolfgramm allegedly used the $1 million from Beale and his supporters to buy the PPE equipment from China. Beale and his supporters became suspicious of his activities and reported him to the FBI, who are now charging him with many financial fraud cases.

While the investors will reportedly get some of their money back, Beale has given up on making the “Rebel’s Run” movie, claiming without evidence that the scam was a scheme to disrupt the making of the movie and his right-wing fanbase.

“I strongly suspect that this whole thing was a targeted operation intended to break our community,” he claimed.

Superhero Funding Crypto-Grifter Rep. Pic
The funding for a far-right superhero was reported to have been stolen on Thursday after a fake crypto-billionaire swindled the funds in order to use for his own company's needs. This is a representational image. Traxer/Unsplash.

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