For import tuner enthusiasts and fans of the "Fast & Furious franchise," the orange and black Veilside Fortune Mazda RX-7 is one of the most coveted cars in the community. In Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, Han takes off in the Fortune RX-7 to escape from "Drift King" Takashi after gang leader Kamata realized Han had been stealing money from the underground organization. Han blew a light while fleeing from Takashi and was struck by a Mercedes-Benz S-Class at an intersection. Han died instantly when the Fortune RX-7 flipped and exploded from the crash.

It seems as though Fortune RX-7 drivers are accident prone. On Sunday, November 10, a number of sports cars gathered at the Miyazaki Prefecture for a sports car meet. Cars include a number of Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis. Naturally, a crowd gathered as the convoy of sports cars made a left to enter the main road. Unfortunately, the Veilside Fortune Mazda RX-7 lost control on the damp surface and veered into the crowd that stood on the right. 

According to Japanese Media, five people were struck by the Fortune RX-7, including a five-year-old child. Thankfully, all five bystanders survived and were only treated for minor injuries. Police arrested the driver.

Despite the orange and black Fortune RX-7's strong association to the "Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift" film, it is not clear whether the following RX-7 is in fact one of the Fortune RX-7 vehicles used in the movie. Watch the videos below to learn more. Viewer's discretion is advised.