A chef attacked his fiancée in front of their four-year-old child. He placed her in a chokehold after downing vodka on a flight back to the UK.

After drinking four small bottles of the spirit on the plane from Slovakia to Manchester, Tibor Tornyai, 27, got into a frenzy and hit Petra Rumplikova on a walkway.

Tornyai grabbed Miss Rumplikova by the neck and lifted her off the ground. The young child attempted to interfere but fled in terror as his father proceeded to abuse him.

The quarrel started on the plane and extended into the airport. There were four different assaults in the airport simultaneously, with members of the staff attempting to separate the parties.

An online tabloid claimed that the couple and their kid were walking along Terminal One's 'Blue Tube' Corridor to pick up their bags during last New Year's Eve.

"The crown says this is more serious harm because of the touching of the area around the throat and neck," Prosecutor Miss Leigh Morgan said.

"He lifted the female off the ground. It's aggravated further that this was in a domestic relationship. The four-year-old child was present throughout and runs away at various stages."

Another online tabloid said Tornyai, of Harphurhey, Manchester, had been on vacation to meet family in Slovakia during Christmas and to celebrate his birthday. Still, he had been brooding about a theft at his home two weeks beforehand in which his belongings had been stolen.

Tornyai acknowledged assault before Manchester magistrates court.

"When I spoke to Mr. Tornyai and showed the CCTV of the incident, he said it was like watching somebody else. He said alcohol had an effect on him, but he is not trying to use that as an excuse for his behaviour," Defence lawyer Miss Rebecca Clarke said.

Clarke claimed Tornyai was unaware that his child was present. On the other hand, the toddler is seen on CCTV approaching the defendant and touching him. The defendant does look down on him and then continues to physically abuse his spouse.

Probation officer Humayun Shouib said at the hearing that Mr. Tornyai returned to England knowing there was nothing, and the emotional impact remained on his mind.

"He started arguing with his companion, which led to the commission of the crimes. He has no recollection of what sparked the fight, but he regrets his actions."

Tornyai was sentenced to a 12-month community order that included two rehabilitation programs called "Healthy Relationships" and "Responsible Me."

He will also be required to work for 200 hours without pay.

Despite the assault, Miss Rumplikova still stands by him, and the two are planning to marry.

Miss Rumplikova chose not to pursue the issue, and their relationship has much improved as a result. There hasn't been anything like it before or after.'

Tornyai will also be required to pay £180 ($255) in costs and fees.

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