A man reportedly disowned and abandoned his 5-year-old son at a preschool in China after a paternity test proved that the child was not actually his biological offspring.

The 5-year-old boy, who has only been identified under the pseudonym Xiao Rui, reportedly enrolled at a kindergarten in Guangxi province, southern China in April this year. His father routinely brought him to the kindergarten and picked him up at the end of each school day.

Last week, the father dropped him off for school as usual. However, after discovering that the boy was not his biological son through a paternity test, he failed to return to collect him in the evening, New York Post reported.

After noticing that nobody had come to pick Xiao from the preschool, the boy’s teacher, Chen, reportedly tried to contact his father. However, when the father spoke to Chen, he stated that he had taken a paternity test that proved that the boy was not his biological child. He then refused to pick him up and told the teacher that Xiao was now the school’s responsibility.

Following this, Chen visited Xiao’s home in order to talk to the father. However, he found it to be empty. Following this, officers were contacted who then made contact with Xiao’s grandfather and uncle regarding the custody of the child. However, they also allegedly refused to pick the boy up. Meanwhile, the boy's mother’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Xiao was abandoned with only a backpack with him that contained just a change of clothes and a mobile phone, South China Morning Post reported.

The tragic news has triggered outrage in China. People have been left shocked by the cold and irresponsible behavior of the boy’s parents.

Under Chinese law, since the boy is not his biological son, the father has not committed the crime of abandonment. However, if the biological mother refuses to raise him, she could be jailed or placed under detention for up to five years under charges of abandoning a child.

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