The mum of a Florida teen, who was reportedly tased last week, has sought legal help to rescue her son from an arrest and use of force— that she believes had occurred due to his race.

Warning: Graphic content

“He is going to have to be x-rayed and looked at for any vertebral fractures without a doubt,” attorney Derek Tyler told the station, as cited in the New York Post. “We are going to vigorously defend all of the charges and we are also going to vigorously pursue every legal avenue available regarding the unmitigated, unjustified torture that he was subjected to by the officer involved,” he added.

Jack Rodeman, 16, was arrested on June 16 at his girlfriend’s place (Fort Meyer’s home) in an upscale neighborhood after state trooper George Smyrnios sighted the young lad in the area and grew suspicious of his whereabouts, reports WINK. He was an individual of color and had donned an all-black outfit during his arrest.

The entire episode, which was recorded on CCTV, shows Rodeman being arrested after being ordered to put his hands behind his head despite his girlfriend coming forward and clearing the air.

“I didn’t do nothing…” responded Rodeman in the footage, just before the cop tased him. The next thing that’s shown is the teen falling to the ground, only to slam his head into a brick fountain with enough impact to dislodge a brick, footage showed.

Rodeman was reportedly arrested on the grounds of loitering, possession of medical marijuana, and a criminal traffic violation, and sent to a juvenile detention center for 21 days. In Smyrnios’ arrest report, he detailed how Rodeman failed to adhere to orders, and also maintained that the arrest was made because he couldn’t see the teen’s hands and doubted if he had a weapon.

The incident drew widespread attention, including that of civil rights lawyer Ben Crump who contemplated over the case—clearing siding with the teen’s family. “FHP trooper George Smyrnios repeatedly tased 16yo Jack Rodeman as he waited for his girlfriend on her back deck!” Crump tweeted Tuesday night, adding, “Smyrnios hasn’t been suspended or punished for his unlawful actions against this teen who posed NO THREAT! He should be held accountable for his egregious actions!”

The Florida Highway Patrol, which has banned the use of Taser as unlawful in the past, has launched a deeper probe into the case.

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