British comedian John Oliver has ripped apart FIFA in a hilarious and poignant segment on the HBO show Last Week Tonight.  Oliver criticized the "arrogant" attitude of FIFA in organizing the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.  Among the main points that the British comedian stated in his 13-minute video are the social protests occurring during the World Cup, the wasteful construction of 12 stadiums, some of them in remote locations and the fact that the FIFA "forced" the Brazilian government to temporarily ignore its restriction to sell alcohol.

John Oliver reveals that FIFA's intervention in Brazilian legislation happened because the Budweiser brewery is one of the main sponsors of the tournament, a move he calls just "a little arrogant" for the right to sell their product. In South Africa, he said, FIFA created the "World Cup Tribunal," which administered their own justice to  those who committed crimes during the organization of the tournament. Oliver also made fun of the fact that President Sepp Blatter says that FIFA is a  "non-profit" organization, despite having a $1 billion in the bank.

To top it off, John Oliver scoffed at the "horrible idea" to celebrate the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius in summer, in addition to the accusations of alleged bribes to get votes for the Qataris. Finally, the program noted the horrible human rights conditions faced by workers in India and Nepal. 4000 people are expected to die before kickoff. "At this point, I hope I have proven that FIFA is an outrageous organization. However, and this is its true power: I am extremely excited about the World Cup"

"Football is a religion and FIFA is a church." He concluded.