Harmonizers are still coping with the idea that Fifth Harmony is a foursome now and not a fivesome after Camila Cabello's abrupt exit last month. This past week the remaining members -Ally, Normai, Lauren and Dinah- released official pictures without Cabello proving to fans that the group would continue strong in 2017.

After those photos surfaced, it turns out that the band would actually add another member and continue to be a fivesome. That's right, Fifth Harmony has found a replacement for Camila and we couldn't be happier with the name attached.

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted out a photo of herself and the girls with the caption: "Looks like it’s just us now."

It was obviously a joke by the comedian, but we don't think we would mind Ellen joining 5H. After the image was published, former bandmater retweeted the message and wrote: "Man!! replaced so soon!! Ellen, you were always a better dancer than me anyway...."

Only Lauren and Ally retweeted Ellen's funny post with the latter also adding: "Lookin good in red."

News of Camila Cabello’s departure from the group was announced on December 19 in a statement shared from their official Twitter account. “After 4 and a half years of being together, we have been informed via her representative that Camila has decided to leave Fifth Harmony. We wish her well.”

Cabello was quick to react and released her own statement where she said: “The girls were aware of my feelings through the long, much needed conversations about the future that we had during tour. Saying that they were just informed through my representatives that I was ‘leaving the group’ is simply not true. Just like the other girls said in their statement about their plans, I had also planned to continue with my own solo endeavors in the new year, but I did not intend to end things with Fifth Harmony this way. As sad as it is to see this chapter ending this way, I will continue to root them all on as individuals and as a group. I wish nothing but the best for them.”