Final Fantasy 7
"Final Fantasy VII" remake release date news, rumors and more. PlayStation

The "Final Fantasy VII" remake was revealed at E3 earlier this year and already pre-orders are availalble for the title. Much more surprisingly, retailers Amazon and have the game listed as releasing Dec. 31, 2016.

We obviously know the 2016 date is a placeholder, but shows some significance. The year associated with the placeholder dates have been accurate more often than not in the past. It's also worth noting that when a game is posted across multiple sites around the same time it usually the doing of the publisher, reports Game Revolution.

Even more EBGames has both a PS4 and Xbox One version up for pre-order, which lines up with the multiplatform yet "PlayStation first" nature of the game. Many gamers have been wondering how long PlayStation will have exclusivity over the title, but of course Square Enix has been silent about the situation.

Meanwhile, Japanese game developer Tetsuya Nomura will take the lead for the "Final Fantasy VII" remake. Nomura stated that "FFVII" will not just be an HD version of the title but reassured fans that he will respect the original game, leaving the vital parts intact. He also stated that the title will take some time to complete so the Q4 2016 release seems legitimate.

Additionally, the director said there will be no new characters introduced in the remake and they are working to make the visual displays closer to reality. We will bring you more news on the release as it becomes availalbe but until then check out the games E3 2015 teaser trailer below:

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